Christopher MacNeel

Chief Operations Officer @ Freya Systems

Chris MacNeel has worked in the field of Data Science for over 10 years, gaining experience in the aviation and manufacturing industries. As a seasoned Data Scientist at Freya Systems, he is passionate about advancing data strategies with clients so that they may leverage the advantages offered by data analytics, predictive modeling, and artificial intelligence. Chris is also ardently committed to the Data Science team at Freya Systems. He takes special care in curating a team with balanced core expertise. The synergy among this elite team allows them to learn and grow from one another and deliver exceptional insights and custom products to Freya’s clients. Chris has also led many Freya Systems’ sponsored webinars on predictive analytics, data modeling, as well as using AI enabled tools to predict component failure and fleet health. Chris will be guest lecturing this semester in the MS Analytics program at American University. To say that Chris values learning would be an understatement. He started his educational career studying Physics, and as his career progressed, he developed his interest in data analytics. Chris completed a certificate in Big Data Analytics at Carnegie Mellon University and achieved a Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics from Penn State University World Campus. Outside of the office, Chris enjoys cooking on his grill, playing the drums, spending time with his family, and embarrassing himself with his terrible skills in Warzone.

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  • 2023