William Garner

William Garner

President & Chief Creative Officer @ Tipping Point Media

William Garner is an award-winning creative strategist, technical innovator, motivating tactician, and collaborator. He is the founder, President, and Chief Creative Officer of Tipping Point Media, and leads a team of modern Renaissance digital artists, web engineers, medical writers, 3D/VR simulation developers, gamification designers, and revolutionary educators. TPM specializes in the development of inspirational education, instructional strategy, and cutting-edge interactive designs for multi-million dollar Fortune 500 accounts in the pharmaceutical, medical, and science industries, as well as academic institutions.

TPM’s goals:

  • Revolutionize education
    Invent solutions that address all learning styles to maximize global learning reach
    Drive technology beyond its limits to transport learners into a “real world” virtual experience
    Design metacognitive concepts and learn-by-doing tools that garner excitement, engagement, and retention
    Deliver solutions that track and define ROEI (Return On Educational Investments)
    Exceed our client’s expectation at every stage of a project’s development
    Develop passion and inspire learners to achieve their goals
    Be the leading provider in the virtual education, training, and marketing industries

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